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Many companies develop their products based solely on their own assumptions about the target groups. Ultimately, however, these fail because they offer no real benefits to their users. Focusing on the topic of digital health, I will explain how product discovery can be used to develop safe and successful applications that both offer people real added value and also meet the regulatory requirements in this blog post.

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A good UX/UI design incorporates digital accessibility from the start. This not only benefits people with disabilities, but also makes the user interface appealing and easy to use for everyone. As an IT service provider, we should actively work to integrate digital accessibility and ensure that our products and services are accessible to everyone.

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20.04.2023 By Maximilian Röttgen

Getting more story in the user story

Picture Maximilian Röttgen

In my view, traditional user stories do not offer the team enough opportunity to stretch their creative legs. I think there are good reasons for writing real stories in backlog items – user experience (UX), customer centricity and, last but not least, motivation. Everyone on the team can identify with a real story – no matter what their role is or what their background is (technical or otherwise). I will explain why in this blog post.

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Digital Experience

I want to use this blog post to tell you about the dual-track agile framework, which pursues the goal of methodically aligning the different activities from conception to design to implementation within agile product development and bringing the team members closer together. The focus here is primarily on the adaptability of UX activities in terms of speed and granularity.

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13.09.2022 By Eva-Maria Kynast

Navigation for your website

Picture Eva-Maria Kynast

Do you remember when we did not have navigation devices? We would chart the route on a map or an atlas, but did not always end up where we wanted to go. Thankfully we now have services such as Google Maps. In most cases, we are shown many different route options, since there are many ways to reach your destination. This is the same case with websites. In this blog post, I would like to show you what different types of site navigation there are and what things you need to consider to ensure that your customers do not end up on another site.

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