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Smart solutions - all the way

At adesso, we always give that little extra, we are used to making the right priorities and getting the functions and tools that we know are the best up and running. There is never a shortage of ideas with our customers, it is rather about getting a safe and stable solution up and running that can increase turnover and improve the journey. We optimise, streamline and ensure that you can grow safely and securely in your environment.

Time for analysis

Time for analysis

After an examination of your environment and your flows, we have a firm grasp of what the next step will be. Do you have too many tools in your toolbox? Maybe you have two systems doing the same thing? Some build up a "technical debt" and this is where we can help to make sure that you only use the systems that are needed and optimize the integrations between them. Our data crunching gurus can use your existing data to do wonders for your journey into the future. Only, without a DeLorian, of course.

Competence center

Competence center

Do you need a partner to lean on as an advisor in your solutions? Our extremely talented experts guide you through analysis, decisions and digital processes. It's not just our developers who are experts on e-commerce, our project managers and salespeople have a long background and experience in the industry. With such a crazy-competent team, the starting distance is short - we are used to working in new teams and quickly become an integral part of it.

Develop for

Better Customer Experiences

Regardless of where you are on your journey, we will help you. For a start-up, it may be about building a system and processes from scratch, while an established company may need a stable sounding board to bounce ideas off of.

Succeeding in e-commerce today is not obvious. The key is to be able to understand how connections work, what is best at any given time and to be able to optimize the system. It can be everything from how you manage your customers in the CRM system to how the logistics system receives customer orders.

Through our competence center you get access to a whole smorgasbord of knowledge. We are a bit like roe roe to e-commerce as dill is to dill crisps – absolutely necessary. The e-commerce team has been dealing with this on a daily basis for a long time and is used to handling enormous transaction volumes, many different trading platforms, payment solutions, business systems, and of course they have a super grasp of the latest technologies.

Together with our experts in user experience and interaction, we can help you improve the purchase journey and payment flows for the customer, which leads to increased conversion. Combine that with intelligent solutions for product bundling and behavioral analysis and customers will come back again and again.

Seamless shopping

We help you across the threshold

The industry has been talking about seamless shopping since 2013, but there are many that have not come to fruition. Take the step over the threshold and contact us for help with your new e-commerce solution. We can help all the way from wheat to bale including actual operation. Or maybe you need to optimize your system or just get good advice.

Together, we can take the next step to a solution that is scalable, cost-effective and user-friendly, and simply the best.

Get in touch with us for your next step

We are passionate about developing and optimizing solutions within e-commerce and we do not stop at system integrations or process optimization, but we help you to be confidently ready for the next step.