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08.11.2022 By Louisa Burakowski

Anyone can work with data, right?

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Dealing with data is becoming an indispensable core skill and one that is always needed when companies want to make decisions and answer new questions regarding organisation, processes, strategy, products and services. The organisation, processes and responsibilities across all organisational levels must revolve around data. In my blog post, I will present the topics that a company should focus on in this regard.

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Although S/4HANA Embedded Analytics and BW/4HANA address different reporting requirements, both solutions complement each other and can be fully integrated. In my blog post, I will show you where the exact differences lie and explain why having more options means having more possibilities at the same time.

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Whether it arrives on paper or as a PDF, vast amounts of information reach our banks via the documents they receive (digital or analogue). In order to make this information usable for further processing in digital processes, the relevant information must be read out correctly and passed on to the right place in the process. This blog post is about how we can reliably perform this process and others for our customers using text extraction.

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