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08.05.2023 By Marty Kostmann and Stephan Thies

Why change management must play a major role in transformation projects


ompanies often work with the same system for years, making only minor changes. But at some point the system has to be replaced due to lack of maintenance or functionality. In SAP system transformation projects, this means new workflows, interfaces and products. Change management is crucial to ensure that employees accept the new systems.

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25.04.2023 By Heike Willkomm, Marianna Thomsen and Stephen Lorenzen

The energy crisis – a welcome emergency brake for corporate change?


The energy crisis is having a massive impact on our lives and businesses. The energy industry has been hit particularly hard. Companies need to adapt and implement change. This blog post is about how companies can manage change.

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02.03.2023 By Heike Willkomm and Teresa Schmitt

The power of knowledge: how effective learning creates successful change


Change, transformation and transition are buzzwords that are being used with ever-greater frequency. But what do they mean? This blog post will highlight how important learning is for successful change and what constitutes successful learning concepts.

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