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I would like to dedicate a series of blogs on agility to the term ‘agility’ itself. This will cover topics such as agile software development, agile frameworks, agile mindsets and agile methods. My goal is that everyone – from the classic waterfall manager to the full-blooded agilist – will find something to take away. The first part is all about the question of whether we really work in an agile way.

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20.06.2022 By Andreas Honert, Stefan Hilmer and Florian Petermann

Approaches for avoiding agile regression


Since agile regression develops gradually, the indicators are very difficult to recognise in everyday life or can only be recognised at a late stage. To counteract this, we’ll describe direct, point-by-point approaches for mitigating agile regression here in our latest blog post.

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04.04.2022 By Steffen Albrecht

Projections for (large) agile projects

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Interim and completion forecasts are just as important in large agile projects as they are in traditional projects. Unfortunately, the Scrum Guide is no help at all here and classic methods are inadequate in most cases due to the complexity of the requirements. However, simple statistics and a transparent estimation method can be used to arrive at a reliable forecast. I will explain how this works in my blog post.

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29.03.2022 By Stefan Hilmer, Andreas Honert and Florian Petermann

The agile regression trap


Sometimes people, organisations or companies that have gone through a long agile transition fall back into old habits. In our blog post, we will first define the term ‘agile regression’, identify the causes and triggers that can set off agile regression and then outline the signs that point to regression being imminent.

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