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29.08.2022 By Roland Scheuch

The Health Data Use Act

Picture Roland Scheuch

This blog post explains why the use of data in the health sector makes sense and which concepts and framework conditions need to be created for this.

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17.05.2022 By Vanessa Stahl and Juan Carlos Peñafiel Suárez

Why validating computer systems is important and the advantages that come along with it


The path to successful digitalisation in the laboratory requires the use of IT systems. While a large part of the documentation and data volume for manual process steps is kept on paper, an increased level of digitalisation also entails an increased volume of data. This makes it all the more important to ensure that the IT systems that are used are validated so that the data that’s generated and processed is subject to the required quality criteria.

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There is still very little data sharing going on in today’s insurance industry. Obstacles to this include strict and often unclear regulations, reluctance to share data or the difficulty involved in calculating the value of data in advance. Gaia-X offers insurance providers enormous potential. I will explain what that potential is in my blog post.

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