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Software Development

Low-code development platforms are becoming increasingly popular with companies because they enable them to create applications independently, even if they have little or no programming knowledge. In my blog post, I’ll describe the origins of low-code, explain how it works and list important considerations for its implementation.

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Advances in IoT and other information technologies such as cloud and mobile computing have promoted the digitisation of products. Digital products offer a wide range of opportunities for innovation and high potential for new use cases. While customer centricity is an important consideration, manufacturers should also consider the internal benefits of use cases on the manufacturing side. In my blog post, I explain how we help companies do this.

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01.02.2022 By Anna-Franziska Eckert and Andreas Liesche

Variant configuration (part 4) – engineers, programmers and IT as agile teams


Mastering variant configuration requires teamwork between designers, software developers and IT specialists. How can this work successfully? Ideally, integrated systems are modular and consist of authoring systems and modelling tools, configurators and frameworks, frontend and backend, workflow engines and integration modules. In this blog post, we take a look behind the scenes of the individual components and present their potential for optimisations.

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