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AI-powered website personalisation

The path to the perfect customer journey

Why is website personalisation important for successful online trading?

We find ourselves in an age of oversupply and information overload. It is crucial for companies to provide relevant information that meets the specific needs of customers.

The key point to mention here is personalisation techniques – these enable online retailers to understand the concerns of their customers and offer the right products at the right time. A large proportion of users today are willing to share data with a company if this leads to a more personalised experience. A Forbes study came to the following conclusion:

Pie chart with 91 percent
of respondents said that they are more likely to buy from companies that provide recommendations that are relevant to them.
Pie chart with 56 percent
of respondents are more likely to return to a website that offers product suggestions.
Pie chart with 91 percent
of respondents said that they are more likely to buy from companies that provide recommendations that are relevant to them.
Pie chart with 56 percent
of respondents are more likely to return to a website that offers product suggestions.

So it is not surprising that 35 per cent of all purchases on Amazon are currently already based on product recommendations.

Personalised content is therefore a key factor in increasing relevant conversion rates. This improves customer experience, enhances user interaction with the content provided and increases the customer lifetime value. The personalisation of user experience is therefore considered a key element in the modern e-commerce world.

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of a revolution in society and in the economy

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers companies a variety of ways to better understand and address customers and their needs and make predictions about their behaviour. Marketing is therefore using AI more and more in different contexts. The potential applications of artificial intelligence are diverse and are particularly appealing when it comes to personalising user experience. From supporting customer interaction to identifying optimal advertising campaigns: With the help of AI, Marketing can process huge amounts of data, create individualised offers and satisfy customer expectations regarding products and services. Customised recommendations, content, offers and experiences can be delivered to users across all channels and devices and along the entire customer journey.

Use AI to increase you website’s level of personalisation

Complex algorithms and predictive models analyse the individual user’s interaction with the website, create detailed profiles and learn which content on a website is particularly likely to lead to success. The AI that is deployed can decide in real time which content and offers are displayed to visitors based on their situational and personal interests. In this way, users can be kept on the website for longer. In addition to delivering perfectly tailored product recommendations, AI can also be used to create individual landing pages based on the interests of visitors. Finally, accurate targeting and precise segment identification can also free up Marketing to spend more time creating and personalising their marketing campaigns.

The advantages of a personalisation solution are plain to see:

  • By linking product data, a personalisation solution can also be used for cross-selling and up-selling
  • It can also be connected to a newsletter or marketing automation tool, for example, to send personalised abandoned cart e-mails
  • With the help of AI, a personalisation solution can also take into account the expiry date of offers and even the current product stock

AI in retail

Providing seamless communication from a single source, no matter which channel, no matter what the topic is one of the central tasks for managers in retail. Find out how AI can give you a decisive advantage when competing for customers and how we can support you in this.

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We are your professional partner for website personalisation

As a full-service IT provider, adesso has specialist knowledge in the field of website personalisation as well as many years of experience in the retail sector.

Our employees have the right tool expertise and are certified for current personalisation solutions such as FirstSpirit ICE/Dynamic Yield and the Salesforce Interaction Studio (formerly Evergage).

We take care of the analysis of your existing tool landscape and help to identify connection options to, for example, CRM, ERP, CDP and MA systems or even to a data warehouse. This allows us to offer you the personalisation solutions that meet the requirements and needs of your company exactly, so that you can use all the data bundled together to personalise the entire customer journey.

Let us help you become a digital pioneer in the area of personalisation. Communicate with your customers on a fully automated and personal level in the future.

Case study: Target group-oriented communication on various digital channels

SPAX International GmbH & Co. KG wanted to generate leads to promote the growth of the company. adesso supported the company so that the various customer groups could be reached with the right information, at the right time and in the right place.

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