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Creating personalised shopping experiences in retail

Build personalised interactions with your retail customers

Brick-and-mortar retail continues to remain attractive for customers despite the triumph of e-commerce. After all, a face-to-face visit is a very personal experience. For this reason, interaction and communication between salesperson and customer are also up to twenty times more effective than automated personalisation on digital channels. To take advantage of this, it’s crucial that sales consultants understand, and also recognise, their clientele’s individual wants and needs at the POS.

Developing a POS app for bofrost*

bofrost*, the largest direct distributor of frozen foods and ice cream in Europe, needed an IT-supported POS solution that bundles all relevant sales processes into one central app on a mobile tablet.

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This is where clienteling comes in

Clienteling supports the personal interaction of sales consultants based on all relevant customer data. Sales assistants can view information about their customers’ interactions, transactions and preferences across all channels and in real time at the POS. Apps on tablets or smartphones offer a 360-degree view of the customer and support sales personnel in adapting to each person. On this basis, customers can be offered individual suggestions, personalised shopping experiences can be created and personal relationships can be built.

Clienteling strengthens customer loyalty through supportive customer communication. Brick-and-mortar retail can thus generate higher sales per purchase and lower return rates in the long term. Therefore, clienteling gives brick-and-mortar retail the opportunity to successfully position itself opposite online retail.

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