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Easy and Serverless to Domino Print and Apply

With AI as the fortune teller

Easy and Serverless to Domino Print and Apply - With AI as the fortune teller

Domino Printing Sciences is a leading supplier of a complete range of coding and labeling of products, packaging and pallets. In addition to label-marking, Domino offers to mark with, amongst other things, laser, inkjet printers and thermotransfer. Domino Printing has, since 2015, been a part of the Japanese listed Brother Industries with 37 000 employees.

Traceability down to pill level

“As the demands on traceability increase, the market grows for Domino Print and Apply. Everything should be labeled, from the smallest individual product to the pallets that the product is delivered on”, says Jessica Smedå, product marketing manager at DPA.

“We have 12 different sales channels and 220 distributors around the world, and with different levels of knowledge of our partners, it is important that we can share our knowledge quickly. We simply want to be able to show how, for example, machines work at the customer, or how to successfully apply etiquettes on products that are difficult to access, such as the inside of a pipe”, continues Jessica.


With focus on sharing knowledge

DPA has chosen to use videos and animations to share and spread knowledge in the organization, it is the type of media that is the most requested. Previously, the videos were uploaded on a self-developed access database then burned to a CD and sent out to the employees. This solution eventually became too time-consuming the bigger the company became, the system worked but the technology was too old. Within the company, it was considered to use the Intranet to upload and share the videos, but it was later concluded that the functions as one wanted did not exist and it was unwieldy.

“I wanted an easy, secure solution to handle our videos. It would be possible to filter, search and share the videos as well as assign different permissions/roles, because the videos were not supposed to be available to everyone”, says Jessica.

“The videos were for our employees and technicians, not for external marketing. We also wanted to brand the platform and have a more modern interface, so we contacted adesso and specified our wishes, after that, it did not take long for the project to launch.”

Easy and Serverless

“We chose to build solutions in AWS Serverless-environment with adesso and today, with our new platform, we can spread knowledge to all of our partners, quickly and easily, which contributes to an increase in sales for us. We have also saved a huge amount of time and money on administration, operation and storage”, concludes Jessica.

Markus Hartsmar, AWS Partner Lead at adesso, tells a bit more about how the technical solution works;

“Everything at Serverless is built on Amplify, Lambdas and Media convert, and with AWS Serverless, you save both time and money. Security is high and the need for a constantly active server does not exist. As the business grows, you can easily scale up and the opportunities for development are endless.”

The employees can now upload the videos themselves, with the administrators approving the clips. If one instead had chosen a solution based on a more traditional installation, had the costs been much higher and had to operate the solution and pay more for both storage, computing power and future scalability.

“Now everything is taken care of by itself and at a much smaller cost, especially with larger and more opportunities for development”, says Markus.

About Domino Print and Apply

Domino Print and Apply AB is an international company that develops and produces industrial solutions for Print & Apply. They are today 80 coworkers with high competence and a strong commitment. Their system is often integrated with lines of production to automatically apply unique etiquettes on products, packaging and pallets. The customers are partly multinational actors within branches such as food, medicine, tobacco, paper and a lot more, and partly smaller, local manufacturing companies.

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