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adesso develops a system for marketing and communication

Since August 2019, adesso has helped a major player in the grocery industry with the development of marketing and customer communication systems.

The right competence with the sense of the customer’s needs

adesso has contributed with competent and talented fullstack-developers to our Dev Ops team with the focus on NET-development. The consultants have developed a system for marketing and customer communication and have worked with fullstack, from front-end to integrations.

“We are very satisfied with adesso, especially that the communication had been very responsive from a business perspective, we have had an easy and good dialogue related to our needs. adesso consultants have picked up the subject area and the problems very easily, and they have quickly become a part of the team and created a good collaborative climate.” Says the customer’s responsible Delivery Manager.

“In our team I have worked to coordinate and improve store data, we have simplified the download of market-related information in stores and made it more effective, the information becomes data that can be used in the stores marketing more simply and efficiently.” Says Nicklas Edmark, System-developer at adesso.
“This enables a lot more directed and customer-specific marketing. We have also modernized and developed the customer’s system with newer technology.” Continues Nicklas.

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“This enables a lot more directed and customer-specific marketing. We have also modernized and developed the customer’s system with newer technology, ”says Nicklas.

“A benefit with our consultants is that they are used to helping each other and working as a team, they quickly listen and can give feedback to the customer quickly.”

What techniques have been used in the project?

“We have amongst other things worked with .Net core 3.x, SQL Server, and several others integrations between systems where RabbitMQ and Kafka are used. In my team we also work a lot with UI-design, UX as well as development in the Vue-framework. Some tasks also involve work with analysis and design to develop solutions ourselves, which we then implement”. Says Jimmy Avadahl

The challenge

Jimmy Avadahl has worked in the team that has worked with the marketing tools that the stores have to make mailings and direct advertising.

“The customer has had a big, old Windows application, parts of it have been remade into a new fresh web tool that can be reached from anywhere, safely. The challenge has been to find solutions for a secure conversion of the older application, several special methods were used and that has gone really well. The old interface began to develop 20 years ago, and there have been some “interfaces” since then!”

In this project we have had to do “everything” as a team, which has really been fun, both back-end and a lot of front-end in the Vue-framework. We have helped each other and that has been a part of the success – our cooperation. Concludes Jimmy Avadahl, developer at adesso.

Any questions?

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